Order Center

Put order information where it belongs – in the hands of your users.

The Order Center puts pertinent order information right at the fingertips of your users from the homescreen, providing 100% visibility into order history and greatly reducing customer service inquiries - increasing their satisfaction and your bottom line.

The Order Center makes the entire order cycle pain free – from a highly-visual shopping cart and streamlined checkout process to an order status dashboard right on your homepage and personalizable order screen.


The Order Center provides all necessary existing order information to users right away and allows them to personalize it based on their individual needs. This enhanced user experience will make their jobs easier and therefore, help them be more productive.

B2B ecommerce order information

At a Glance Order History

Color Coded Order Status

Shipment Tracking

Personalizable Table Views



B2B ecommerce mobile order


The Order Center Module streamlines the B2B ecommerce experience through a secure single page checkout. A better organized shopping cart – complete with Lists integration – makes it easier than ever for your customers to order (and reorder again and again).

B2B ecommerce mobile checkout
B2B ecommerce order summary

Ready to provide greater order visibility to your users? Contact us to learn more about enabling the CUE Order Center Module into your SAP Commerce Cloud installation.